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Temple Treats SAUCE: Sir Sauce

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  • 10 oz.

Tierra Goes Green believes that the most effective ingredients are derived naturally from the Earth. This body serum is like a multivitamin for the skin. The oil works to brighten and smooth skin, while the subtle, natural insatiable aroma works to soothe the mind. This joyful blend is made with many of the most super-powered oils out there: avocado, baobab and jojoba just to name a few. They are light enough to soak in but heavy enough to seriously hydrate your skin. This simple but effective product is also great for dry/itchy skin and for keeping stretch marks at bay.  
The Temple Treats Collection is all about the scent.  Sir Sauce permeates the air with the smell of a young impressionable male inspired by his recent discovery of an ancient Billy Dee Williams film contrasted by the sound of H-Town's Emotions being played in the background by his mother!

Now, lather on up and marvel at your skin’s glow!


- Avocado Oil

- Baobob Seed Oil

- Jojoba Oil

- Kukui Oil

- Castor Oil

- Olive oil

- Hemp Oil

- Apricot Oil

- Vitamin E

- Fragrance

Instructions: Apply to clean, WET skin.  Don't dry off before or after for best results!
Temple Treats SAUCE: Sir Sauce
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