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What is a Brand Ambassador? 
Brand ambassadors are influencers commissioned by brands they support for long-term relationships.

Why you should desire to have Tierra as a Brand Ambassador? 
Authenticity is a character trait Tierra presents to her worldwide following. In return, her supporters trust her creating what we call The " Tierra Says Effect." 
Q: Why do you eat at that restaurant?
A: Tierra said to
Q: Why do you use that brand of toothpaste?
A: Tierra says it is what she uses

Thousands of loyal supporters of Tierra Burrell purchase products, eat certain foods and even exercise at a certain gym / studio simply because Tierra says. 

What makes Tierra so trustworthy? 
She advocates only for products / services / establishments that she authentically uses or patronizes. For example, when broadcasting LIVE from her social platform she shows her followers products in her home in real time when they ask her what products she recommends. 

Tierra is an advocate for small and ethical businesses that value our planet.

With over 100k followers across social media platforms, both professional and personal, Tierra was granted an Amazon Influencer account to showcase products she advocates for. 

The current Brand Ambassador for VibeRide - Grant Park, Tierra orchestrated a takeover day in which she participated in all group exercise sessions that day. Not only did classes sell out, there was an extensive waiting list!

Interested in Tierra becoming a Brand Ambassador for your ethical business? 
Email her team to begin the process of establishing a relationship today!


Companies Tierra has endorsed

Tierra Burrell is difficult to describe in words. She is the epitome of Black
Excellence! Single-handedly, she has touched and changed so many lives,
including mine.
She is more than an ambassador to my brand.

  • She is a healer
  • She is a listener
  • She guides, she protects, she care
  • Whenever I need an answer, she has it.
When I was starting my business, I simply gave her a sample of my product
because she was my friend. I was not really thinking she would try it but she did!
Not only did she try it, she loved it! She took it a step further and did an entire
Instagram Live about it! I had no clue until all of a sudden my phone kept
going off with new order after order! She took my business to a different
level by exposing my product to the world! For that, I am forever grateful!
Tierra is Pure. Authentic. Unmatched. Magical. Everything she touches
turns to gold. I use all of her products because they are magical just as she
is. If her name is behind it, it could only be right!

In Full and Complete Gratitude,
Chemeka Watson, GenEsscents CEO

Brand Ambassador Event for VibeRide

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