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Q: Can I take TGG supplements if I am pregnant?

While Tierra would love to assist you, she would need much more detail about your overall care. This is not a service Tierra currently offers. We recommend speaking to the provider in charge of your care to answer this question for you.

Q: Can I take all of the TGG Supplements at the same time?


Q: I have been diagnosed with (insert diagnosis). Is it safe for me to take TGG supplements?

Without knowing the medicines you currently take or your medical history, this is not something Tierra can advise you on. She also does not offer a service of this nature. Please consult the provider in charge of your care to get this question answered.

Q: Where can I get Temple Treats?

Five of Temple Treats scents offered are currently sold local to Atlanta at 

Sweet Samba Howell

1532 Howell Mill

Atlanta, GA 30318.  

Otherwise, it is sold online at

On a Quarterly basis until it sells out as it is a Limited Edition product. 

Q: How do I get notified when Temple Treats is available?

Visit and subscribed to the TGG mailing list.

Q: Where can I purchase Face Flavor?

Face Flavor Original and Medicinal are currently sold at 

Sevananda Natural Foods Market

467 Moreland Ave. NE

Atlanta, GA 30307

All Face Flavor products are otherwise sold online,

We ship worldwide

Q: Where can I purchase Pain Poshun?

Pain Poshun can be purchased local to Atlanta at 

VibeRide - Grant Park

519 Memorial Drive SE, A09

Atlanta, GA 30312

It is also sold online with worldwide shipping

Q: Temple Treats label lists "fragrance" as an ingredient. What kind of fragrance?

Essential Oils

Q. I miss Temple Treats every time it is released. How do I get notified when Temple Treats is available?

Visit and subscribe to the TGG mailing list.


Q: I paid for a Talk with Tierra consult but there is no availability on the calendar. How can I schedule my talk?

Talks with Tierra are currently suspended. Please email with your order details to discuss your options.

Customer Solutions, Shipping & General

Q: I ordered Face Flavor and the TGG Supplements. My tracking information only has the supplements. Where is my Face Flavor?

Currently the TGG Supplements are shipped from a different facility than the other TGG products. You will receive two separate shipping emails when each shipment goes out. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Q: I received my order but it was damaged / melted / etc. 

Please send an email to TGG Customer Solutions Team at with your order number, brief description of the problem and photos (if damage occurred or wrong product shipped). 

Q: I did not receive my order and the tracking details have not been updated. Where is my order?

Please email our Customer Resolution Team at

Q: I was recently diagnosed with (insert diagnosis here). What do you recommend I take as my doctor has me on meds I do no want to keep taking?

Tierra specializes in preventative care so if you have a diagnosis and are being treated by a medical professional, please consult with them. You may book a consult with Tierra when she resumes the service.

Q: I need help transitioning to a vegan diet. What programs do you offer to assist me? Any recommendations?

Talk with Tierra is a service Tierra usually offers, however the service is currently suspended. In the meantime, we recommend spending some time on her Instagram account to review recommendations from at leas the past 4 years. Tierra recommends you begin your transition by reading books about the lifestyle you aspire to live and drinking a minimum of one (1) gallon of water as well as 8 oz. of green juice per day.

Q: I see you workout all the time and I am looking for a personal trainer. What are your fees?

Tierra is not a personal trainer. She is the Brand Ambassador for VibeRide - Grant Park and they show her a lot of love with the photos!

Q: I sent a DM to you about an issue but no reply…

Tierra does not check DMs so please use the email option. 

Q: What product do you recommend for…?

Tierra's product recommendations can be found on her Amazon Influencer page for products on Amazon. For small businesses, please follow her on Instagram and watch her LIVE sessions as well as view her page for product recommendations. She recommends and uses all of the brands currently listed on this website on the Brand Ambassador page.

Q: I have an event I would love for Tierra to present / speak at. How do I book her?

Tierra is honored for the consideration. Please access the Speaker page then complete the Speaker Request form to be connected to her team.

Q: I love Tierra's products and would like to carry them in my boutique. How can I get more information?

Tierra specializes in preventative Please email Tierra's team at

Contact summary:

Have issues with an order?

Have questions about a Talk with Tierra consult?

Want to book Tierra to speak at an event, inquire about brand endorsement, wholesale TGG products, other…?

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