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Original Face Flavor

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Face Flavor, our handmade ultra hydrating facial moisturizer, is easily absorbable and penetrates deep into your skin, leaving it well-cleansed, nourished and baby soft. This helps accelerate the new cell generation and also helps promote the circulation in the body and the skin. 

We can get rich vitamins and minerals through the use of the raw fruit or avocado oil. The oil gets easily absorbed in the skin, so it is best suited for every skin type. It not only nourishes but also strengthens the skin. The ingredients in Face Flavor include the following: 


  • Love 
  • Avocado Butter - Omega fatty acids create glowing skin 
  • Marula Oil - Vitamin C Rich Anti-Inflammatory 
  • Aloe Vera Oil - Treats Skin Conditions 
  • Sunshine 
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil - Improves and heals many skin conditions 
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil - Regenerates skin cells and elastics 
  • Grapeseed Oil - Has astringent qualities that help tighten the skin and minimize pore size 
  • Mango Butter - Rich in Vitamin A 
  • Rose Hip Oil - Reduction of fine lines and wrinkle prevention 
  • Baobab Seed Oil - High in Omega 3,6, and 9 

"The fact is, people have skin issues.  Tierra Goes Green has SOLUTIONS!"

Original Face Flavor

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