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Health is more than just the lack of illness….health is aliveness, energy, joy. You dont have to be sick to get better. Health is not just for the body. Health includes the mind, the emotions, and the spirit of the whole person.
Health is the amount of vibrant, peaceful, loving energy flowing through your being.
 This program is about detoxifying the whole self, from the body, to organs, to even the mind itself, and losing weight is a natural occurrence of the discipline. 

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Juice Bar ATL

By: Dawn Montgomery-Greene


Cmon on through SHAWTY!!!!! I have been patiently waiting on this new juice spot because I am always in the N Druid Hills & Toco Hills area and I would have to duck off to Briarcliff or Clairmont just to get a to a decent juice spot. Convenience […]

#TGGReview A Mexican Treat: ALEGRIAS

By: Dawn Montgomery-Greene

You can imagine how excited I was when I found out that there was a market located inside of our resort while here in Cancun, Mexico. One of my great finds in there was confections called Alegrias (happiness) from puffed amaranth. Amaranth to my surprise is a nutritious […]

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