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Health is more than just the lack of illness….health is aliveness, energy, joy. You dont have to be sick to get better. Health is not just for the body. Health includes the mind, the emotions, and the spirit of the whole person.
Health is the amount of vibrant, peaceful, loving energy flowing through your being.
 This program is about detoxifying the whole self, from the body, to organs, to even the mind itself, and losing weight is a natural occurrence of the discipline. 

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Detoxing is Important because…

IT’S TIME TO DETOX! Detoxing is the process of removing toxins from the body. This process is almost always accompanied by a period of withdraw as the body releases its dependence on the substance that it has gotten used to. Toxins come from the faucet water, sodas, milk, and other […]

The Sexy Thing About Fruit

We’re all adults here, correct? That’s what I thought. I thought I’d remind the public that eating correctly does bleed into the area of the boudoir. Of course, exercising builds stamina, mood and libido, but food does the same, as well. Healthy eating helps you get into the mood easier […]

Date Night with my Boys: True Food Kitchen

On a Friday night my two boys and I generally go out on a date. I use this time to catch up with them from the past week and show them what it’s like to treat a lady to a nice evening. Yes I am paying for the food & […]

Tropical Smoothie Café in Atlanta, Georgia

So here I am again ready to share with you all an experience that lasted all of maybe TWO MINUTES! I know what you’re thinking; “What Happened?” “Why such a short visit?” “Why did you go in there?”.  The last question is why I am sharing this experience. First of […]

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