When life gives you “lemons”…

wtf is this?!

On a recent visit to a hotel when asking for some lemons for water, the hotel presents packets of lemon juice (fully equipped with preservatives of course). Talk about amenities, wait, what kind of amenities are we talking about here? I mean I understand if the hotel doesn’t have a kitchen per se, but the general facilities of the building definitely have the capacity to house a basket of lemons. However, in considering the lifeless, sterile, structure of the average hotel, perhaps keeping a fresh basket of fruit at the front desk is too much to ask. Then again, if an establishment is able to provide fresh coffee and donuts one might think they would be able to provide lemons.

This circumstance should naturally lead to some revolutionary visualization of temporary, residential-style business right? For example, a conscious human being who is immersed in the present moment and in tune with every lifestyle choice they make would prefer a sleeping environment duplicative of their own natural habits. This person wants to see and smell fresh flowers, feel the pulse of life force around them wherever they go and especially where they lay their head. This person wants the option of fresh fruit and juice right alongside the coffee and donuts. In many cases, this is what they get but in they cases where these packets of nonsense happens instead, it provokes a venting rant like this one. Real lemons people!

Nutrition Tips - alkaline

Lemons, like many foods on this chart, are alkaline and promote this environment in your digestive tract. A simple glass of water with fresh lemon juice in the morning does wonders to activate your stomach acids and encourage a healthy metabolism. Please check back in with the blog for more information on alkaline eating and pH balance in the body.

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Nutrition Tip: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Remedy for these conditions...

Apple cider vinegar (best used in raw form and sometimes referred to as RACV – raw apple cider vinegar) has many different beneficial qualities. Many doctors may be skeptical about applying RACV to many of the conditions listed, however, RACV undeniably carries beneficial vitamins and minerals such as: vitamins – A, B-complex, C, and E; minerals – iron, calcium, and magnesium. The key is to practice preventative methods to avoid ‘dis-ease’, meaning practicing healthy lifestyle habits Before an issue occurs.

For those that are reading this because a problem has already occurred and you’re looking for answers – the same advice applies to you that applies to healthy individuals, although the practice may have a different motivation – the idea is to take it one step at a time. Each day, each moment, presents an opportunity for better choices. RACV alone won’t solve your problems, but making the choice to consume this substance regularly, combined with other healthy food and exercise choices, is a small step in the direction of wellness.

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Thyroid Theory: A Follow Up to Fibroids

Thyroid Diagram (webmd.com)

As a follow up to the editorial about fibroids, let’s talk about the thyroid gland. How are the two related? The thyroid gland sits on the windpipe and fibroids occur in the female reproductive organs (uteris area). Well, the thyroid has several functions, one of which is regulating hormones. Fibroids is triggered in part by a hormonal imbalance. In the previous post about fibroids, I explained that fibroids is an overgrowth of hormones, well the root of this issue can be traced back to the thyroid. Just as that article stated that certain toxic foods such as steroidal chicken, hormonal milk, and processed Doritos fuel the fibroids fury, there are foods out there that promote a healthy thyroid, which could prevent the outcome of fibroids from the start.

The foods in this green juice have various benefits, this particular combination targets the thyroid gland. The most important fundamental of this drink is that it is alkaline. Illness, which I define as cells and bacteria that are adverse to human development and which I consider different from ‘dis-ease’, cannot survive in an alkaline environment. The issue is, many of the foods we have access to and are encouraged to eat are not alkaline but rather acidic. Look out for another editorial on alkaline foods and blood coming soon.

A big miss in the mainstream medical industry is to offer information to encourage preventative practices. Doctors and distributors stand to make much more money off of treating a preventable condition through exams (CATSCANs and EKGs are extremely costly and equipment manufacturing and distribution of these tools to hospitals extremely profitable), medical treatment (pharmaceuticals is one of the most profitable industries in the nation), and surgery (costs of different fibroid procedures was broken down in detail in the “Fibroid Fury” post).

Another dysfunction of the mainstream Western medical industry is not looking at the body holistically, as in a “whole” unit. This is why we have “specialized” medicine in the Western industry. The foot doctor focuses on the foot, ear nose and throat doctor focuses on that, this ‘ologist’ focuses on the stomach or the vagina, etc, not making the connection that all of these things work together and are co-dependent on each other in the body. With an infrastructure like this managing our health and wellness, it figures the average person may not understand the relation between a lump in your neck and a pain in your pelvis.

All of this being said, I feel part of my purpose here is to inform people of their options. I can assure you that there are ways to manage your wellness with basic food and exercise. I love that I’m able to be a resource for people, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Here is a great start with some basic foods to promote a healthy thyroid. My top 3 of this list are: spirulina, cranberries, and coconut oil. Spirulina is found in many green foods (especially seaweed like kelp, dulce, and nori) and can also be taken as a supplement. Cranberries are most easily consumed as 100% juice preferably not from concentrate. Coconut oil is one of those healthy fats crucial to cell development, it’s great for cooking and baking and can be used as a replacement for canola, animal fat, and most importantly transfat (also known as hydrogenated oil). The specifics of healthy versus toxic fats is for a different post, where we can distinguish the differences between canola oil, animal fat, and hydrogenated oil versus natural, plant-based fats.

Every choice you make produces a result, whether desired or not. Start today with creating the results you want! A major step is recognizing the pattern of what type of choices produce what type of results, understanding the certain lifestyles that lead to certain outcomes. Another step is to learn all you can about what concerns you. Understanding your body parts is essential to understanding your symptoms and illness.

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Fighting Depression Holistically

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Let’s review, shall we? What your body consumes doesn’t just affect your body, but also your mind and your mind is the house of emotions and thoughts. So, the idea of what you eat can definitely effect your mental state is not far-fetched. However, the medical industry would like for this to sound extremely adventurous and illogical, because assisting in your depression with food, exercise, and meditation doesn’t sell pills, but we know better. Here are some veggies that assist in fighting depression!


Thing Scary Thing About Meat


They let you know what tobacco will do to you, but why not food? Let’s be real. Nine times out of ten, it is not the actual meat that is putting our lives, health, and bodies into danger it is all the chemicals and processes between the meat and our plates that is killing us, which is why I went vegan. It is not because I hate meat or think it is just horrible to consume, but with the chemicals and hormones pumped into our food, it is a danger and risk that I am simply not willing to make. We used to know the cows and chickens that we ate, now they create these animals in a way that mirrors a sci-fi movie and they kill them in a way that mirrors a holocaust. That’s not a risk I am willing to make. Just like you might smoke cigarettes and you are aware of the health risks, be aware of the risks of the meat you consume.

The Sexy Thing About Fruit

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We’re all adults here, correct? That’s what I thought. I thought I’d remind the public that eating correctly does bleed into the area of the boudoir. Of course, exercising builds stamina, mood and libido, but food does the same, as well. Healthy eating helps you get into the mood easier and makes you ‘taste’ great. This is just a friendly reminder. So, you want to be all night with your lover? How about actually drinking real watermelon? I promise, you won’t regret the sensual benefits.

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The Mind Mimics The Home

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The phrase goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness”. The more I analyze the world, the more I find this to be true. The environment that you inhabit directly effects your mental and spiritual growth. Create a space that assists in your evolutions, makes you feel safe, and fills you with energy and potential. It’s hard to cultivate life in a graveyard. I love candles, colors, and figures to surround me that remind me that I am on the ultimate adventure into enlightenment, experience, and balance. Since, my home reinforces those characteristics, it makes it so when I step outside of my home, I am able to carry that energy to the people that I touch. It’s beautiful and necessary. Clean your space and step into the energetic flow of God.

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Just Beet It

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Some vegetables are amazing for you, but they aren’t the ‘buzz’ vegetable of the moment and people forget that they have amazing benefits. The secret to living and sustaining a healthy life is to give your life an abundance of options. You might love kale this week, but have a few alternatives so when your body gets tired of kale and wants something new. Life is about the variety. Today, I didn’t want you all to forget about beets! Beets have a purple tint and the color purple/red is a signification of royalty, and the benefits that beets bring will definitely leave you feeling like a king or queen. Some of the royal benefits are beets lower your blood pressure, have anti-cancer properties, and helps detoxify your body. Add these vegetables to your dinner or salad, and enjoy the benefits!

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The Joy of Travel

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Reveling in travel has been one of the biggest joys of my life. We talk a lot about what we feed our bodies and minds. I know, I say ‘eat good food and read the right books’, that’s what we constantly discuss which is important, but what does your spirit love to consume? Your spirit loves to consume experiences and travel. Your spirit loves to be pushed to its outer limits and beyond. Your spirit loves to see new currency, taste new foods, meet new people, hear new languages, and the most of all, your spirit loves to experience all of these things and recognize that despite all of this newness, we’re all the same. That knowledge affirms your spirit that we weren’t all made different to be separate, but to celebrate variety and the infinite expressions of creation. Do your spirit a favor, and create experiences and travel to witness all of the various expressions of love this world has to offer.