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Health is more than just the lack of illness….health is aliveness, energy, joy. You dont have to be sick to get better. Health is not just for the body. Health includes the mind, the emotions, and the spirit of the whole person.
Health is the amount of vibrant, peaceful, loving energy flowing through your being.
 This program is about detoxifying the whole self, from the body, to organs, to even the mind itself, and losing weight is a natural occurrence of the discipline. 

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TGG Grocery Consultations!!!

Have you ever spent too much time in the grocery store because you wanted to buy something good but didn’t know where to start?? Of course you have!  Time is money, so save time by learning the right way to shop!  We are offering new consultation services for tutorials and […]

The Sexes Shouldn’t Battle!

As you’ll hear time and again – nature ALWAYS wins!  Thusly, once you’re aligned with nature, you will always win. People come to me trying to figure out how to make their lives better. The first step is to align yourself. Learn about the system you exist and how in […]

BETTER OPTIONS: The Tierra Goes Green WAY!


By: Dawn Montgomery-Greene

Last week, I was picking Sean up from school and he got in the truck talking about something that he got at school. Next thing I know I hear a wrapper and I questioned him about it. He showed me a Rice Krispie treat and I yelled, “BOY […]

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