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About Tierra

Tierra Burrell

Tierra Burrell has been a raw food vegan since long before it was a trend.  Her ethos of going green is fully incorporated into her lifestyle, encompassing nutrition, exercise, healthcare, beauty and fashion.  Tierra’s holistic journey is an ongoing one that she invites others to take with her through Tierra Goes Green.








After working as a makeup artist in the beauty industry for nearly a decade Tierra, realized that people,  including herself at the time, did not consider that looking good should be done from the inside out. Wanting to go even deeper, Tierra began to realize that change is the essence of life. She had to be willing to surrender who she was for who she could become. She began to educate herself and began making crucial changes in her life which birth Tierra Goes Green.

Tierra Goes Green is all about living well, living balanced and living a holistically edifying life.  A large part of her focus is to educate men and women about what they are putting into their bodies and the impact it has on them both good and bad. Tierra, a fitness fanatic, believes that exercise and mental health are essential priorities to a balanced life. However, eating well and allowing food to be your medicine is the key.

Tierra is excited that she has already managed to impact so many lives in such a short period of time and looks forward to educating, celebrating and sharing her continuous journey for many years to come. Beyond her private detox clients, Tierra regularly shares her healthy habits, culinary preferences and overall ethos at special events and tours at local markets, private gatherings and health-based organizations.